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The Soho Juice Co.

I am super excited to tell you about this delicious goodness which I have discovered!  I have been lucky enough to be sent through a delightful little cocktail kit by The Soho Juice Co. and what do you know, it arrived just in time for half very convenient. Knowing very little about The Soho… Continue reading The Soho Juice Co.

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The Kiwi takeover

During a rather hectic summer, unfortunately our monthly gin club fell a little by the wayside.  However, it would seem that on Wednesday stars aligned, text messages were sent and five of us were available to catch up on Thursday! This month was to be a gin club with a difference.  One of our Ginly… Continue reading The Kiwi takeover

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Miniatures – my new obsession

What do you do in your free time?  Everyone has a hobby, what's yours?...What's mine? to me about teaching and I am truly passionate, talk to me about Ancient Greek sculpture and you will lose hours, but I wouldn't say either are hobbies.  People run, go to the gym, do yoga, football or Zumba...not… Continue reading Miniatures – my new obsession

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Rhubarb infused gin

The summer holidays now seem so long ago, but that is when my rhubarb infused gin journey began.  I had seen lots of pictures of people making their own ginfusions and as I had six weeks off I figured this would be a great little project. First, to find a recipe, I trawled through lots… Continue reading Rhubarb infused gin

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Portobello Road – Juniper Saplings

At the end of the Summer Term I was once again humbled by the kindness and generosity of the children I teach, and of course their parents.  Every year I am amazed and almost embarrassed, when on the last couple of days of term, the children shower me with gifts.  Teaching is not only my… Continue reading Portobello Road – Juniper Saplings

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Gin Tales – Griffiths Brothers Gin

Finding out that a gin distillery has opened not too far from where you live is every gin lover's dream.  When my gin buddy told me about Griffiths Brothers Distillery in Penn I had to pinch myself, the dream was a reality! Unfortunately due to a rather hectic social calendar, I missed their introductory gin… Continue reading Gin Tales – Griffiths Brothers Gin

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Gin Shots – PJ Apple Gin

I've chosen to do a Gin Shot review on this specific flavour of gin from Belgian Spirits Company for one reason only, which is that I hate ginger...or at least I thought I did. What on earth does ginger have to do with PJ apple gin?  The lovely chap on the sample table at Gin Festival… Continue reading Gin Shots – PJ Apple Gin