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The Gin Box – A Great Gift Idea

I must confess I was a little jealous when a boozy buddy contacted me with a picture of what seemed like a gazillion boxes of gin, with jealousy fast switching to excitement as he asked if I’d be interested in receiving one of the boxes!!  Erm…absolutely yes!  Baby Button is due in a couple of weeks time, so it hopefully won’t be too long before I can settle down to a regular dose of my favourite tipple, and what better reintroduction than with a box of gin!!

The box in question in “The Gin Box” from Denmark based, 1423 – World Class Spirit.  I tried desperately to be good and not sneak a peek online to spoil the surprise, and I’m so glad I didn’t give in, I did however do my research.  The Gin Box – World Gin Tour is a tasting kit comprising of 10 exclusive gins from all over the world, with this years edition featuring gins from Sweden, Germany, the USA, Norway, Scotland and Holland to name a few.  Each bottle contains a 50ml measure of gin, meaning there is a decent amount of spirit for you to have a quick sip neat, have a play with in a cocktail, enjoy yourself as a delicious double or…if you’re feeling generous…share with a friend as a couple of single measures.

When my sloshy delivery arrived I was not disappointed, the packaging is simple and classic, comprising of a white box with a green coloured bandrole and most importantly, it makes a beautiful sloshy sound when given a little shake!


Turning the box over, the bandrole reveals the contents of The Gin Box and I was thrilled to see that there were some seriously good gins were inside, a few of which I haven’t yet tried!  Interest and taste buds most definitely piqued, I removed to the bandrole which revealed something of a mission statement for the box

“Let the good times be Gin”

Indeed, lets do that!

The box also features concealed magnets to keep it closed, also meaning the box could be kept and used in future for storing any number of gin related goodies, which is exactly what I intend to do with mine.

Now for the contents, my oh my…what a stash!


The Gin Box boasts that it is creating a gin tasting experience suitable for both beginners and enthusiasts and with this varied selection of gins I really would have to agree.  The gins included cover many different tastes and styles, meaning there is bound to be at least one gin in there which inspires you to buy a full bottle and expand your gin  collection.  I was also really pleased to see that the glass, screw-top bottles featured original brand labels, rather than quick DIY imitations.  Unfortunately this means yet more heartache for my Hubby as he will have to endure another 10 gin bottles hanging around in the house despite them having been drained of their contents!

So, if you fancy getting your hands on this delicious little treat, The Gin Box is available on Amazon for £53.99.  It would also make a fantastic gift for your favourite ginthusiast…and what with Christmas sneaking up on us all, buying this as a pressie really is a no brainer for me.

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The Gin Box was gifted

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