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Pickering’s – My true beGINning

I have such a love for Scottish gins, and even more specifically it would seem, ones from Edinburgh.  A few years ago, in October 2014, an absolutely gorgeous boy who I had been dating for 18 months, took me on a little trip to go and see my other obsession...pandas, at Edinburgh zoo.  While there,… Continue reading Pickering’s – My true beGINning

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Ginpourium Gin Fight – Round 1 – The Wild Card

This weekend marked the start of my summer holidays.  Friday night didn't go so well, I was asleep by 8:30.  Saturday was much better, Hubby had a gig, so I went to watch and have a cheeky couple of gins in the process.  Sunday was the BEST! We were heading off to The Ginpourium Gin… Continue reading Ginpourium Gin Fight – Round 1 – The Wild Card

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East London Liquor Company

I.  Love.  Birthdays.  It doesn't matter whose...It's all the surprise and anticipation, getting ready for a party, picking out the perfect present and watching the reaction when it's opened!  I get so excited about my own birthday that I plan my fancy dress party about a year in advance!  Sadly my birthday isn't until December,… Continue reading East London Liquor Company