I’m Nat, and I love gin. Teacher by day and gin drinker by night, not school nights though obviously! I don’t profess to know everything there is to know about gin, to be honest I’m not sure anyone does in an industry which is continually developing. I like to think of my writing as the honest musings about something which I truly love.

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Gin Obsessions chronicles my gin fuelled escapades, from gin days with my friends through to cooking with gin. Recounts of gin events and a some crafty cocktail ideas. With of course, a few honest reviews thrown in for good measure.

My obsession began when I first started dating my now Hubby; we both had a fondness for gin and I suppose we spurred each other on. I remember us going to Wilderness Festival in 2014 and Hubby packed a bottle of gin and small bottles of bitter lemon, “for morning gins”​ he told me. When we were there we discovered the Fever-Tree Gin Van and that was it – my eyes had been opened to the utter deliciousness.

At this point the BIG gin craze hadn’t really hit, so it has been amazing to see just how far gin has come. As time went on we became more gin crazy. At our wedding the tables were named after gins and we even started our own mini gin club for our friends. Hubby kept dropping hints that I should start a blog to spread the word of gin and as a new hobby. So, one day I conceded and here we are!

So, if you fancy it, join me on my gin fuelled escapades!