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Gin A Day May 2020

After it’s roaring success last year, Gin A Day May was back with a vengeance this year, encouraging people from around the globe to rise to a rather fun social media challenge.  The brainchild of the lovely Sarah Miller aka Gin A Ding Ding, Gin A Day May encourages people to respond to a prompt each day by posting a picture or video on their social media channels.  The world is pretty crazy right now and Gin A Day May seems to have really injected some fun, laughter and dare I say it, purpose, into peoples lives…or maybe that’s just me.

The prompts were shared across social media channels in April, giving people time to dust off their much neglected, long forgotten diaries and plan ahead.  Literal depictions and tenuous links welcomed and encouraged to best portray the following prompts.


With this in mind, and for those of you who don’t use Instagram, here is my Gin A Day May Roundup, complete with links to all the gins/brands/recipes which I have used during the month.

Day 1 – Introductions – This is me (Diamond Glass from Thumbs Up)
Day 2 – G&T – Zoom drinks with the Antenatal Girls

We missed our first girls night out because of lockdown but we certainly made the most of a zoom night in.

Day 3 – Shelfie

Not the entire collection, it wont all fit on the shelves…we totally need a bigger house so I can have a gin room!

Day 4 – Book – My little gin library complete with obligatory May the Fourth props including Stormtrooper Gin
Day 5 – Local – Twelve Below Tonic, Griffiths Brothers Gin, Wayfinder Gin, Old Amersham Gin
Day 6 – Global – On 6th May we were supposed to be flying to the Amalfi Coast for Torin’s first holiday.  Well, we obviously couldn’t go to Italy, so I brought Italy (and rather a lot of Malfy Gin) home!
Day 7 – Orange – Saffron Gin
Day 8 – Bottle – What a bottle makeover from Twisted Nose Gin
Day 9 – Pairing – I like to pair my gin…with another gin!
Day 10 – Bathtub – Bathtub Gin Shhhh, don’t tell them where I’m hiding!
Day 11 – Behind the Scenes – So maybe I wasn’t actually hiding in the bathroom, and I certainly wasn’t naked!
Day 12 – Homemade – Fig and Quince Gin

If you fancy trying your hand at making your own ginfusions, check out my Sloe Gin and DIY Ginfusions post for a recipe.

Day 13 – Cocktail – Blueberry Sour
Day 14 – Eco Friendly – Bullards Gin Eco Pouch
Day 15 – Botanical – Our gorgeous Bordoodle Juniper, named after the most important gin botanical!
Day 16 – Navy – Biggar Gin
Day 17 – Distillery – Greensand Ridge Virtual Distillery Tour and Tasting thanks to Sipping Rooms

Sipping Rooms have been something of a God send since lockdown began.  Encouraging us to tune in from the couch, kitchen table or garden shed, we are able to take part in virtual tastings live with the distillers from their distilleries.  Running fortnightly on a Wednesday, we’re invited to not only taste the gins, but also go on distillery tours, join in with cocktail masterclasses and then take part in a gin Q&A with the distiller.  Tickets are completely free, although you can also choose to buy a bottle of gin too which means you can really get involved with the tasting and cocktail making.

Day 18 – Miniature – Keeping the fairies topped up
Day 19 – Event – Spirit of One on 11th March 2020
Day 20 – London – London Lemonade
Day 21 – Innovation – Hyke Gin and their use of surplus grapes to make a base spirit
Day 22 – Garnish – Dried orange slices made using my food dehydrator
Day 23 – Red – Red Snapper
Day 24 Glassware – Diamond Glass and Inside Out Champagne Flute from Thumbs Up
Day 25 – Old – Gin Old Fashioned
Day 26 – New – These are my lockdown newbies Brecon Cranberry and Rhubarb Gin, Jaffa Cake Gin, Zeiver, Bullards, Downton Abbey Rhubarb Gin, The Lakes Pink Grapefruit Gin
Day 27 – Sloe – Homemade Sloe Gin

If you fancy having a go at making your own then check out my Sloe Gin post for a recipe.

Day 28 – No/Low – Highball Alcohol Free Cocktails
Day 29 – Martini – Victory Pink Gin Martini
Day 30 – Quirky – Jaffa Cake Gin and Bonboosh Marshmallows (10% off first order using the discount code GINOBS10)
Day 31 – Perfect Serve

To be honest it could be anything, my perfect serve is that time when the boy has gone to bed, the pooch has stopped competing for attention and is snuggled up on the sofa, the TV is paused for a moment of peace and I get to settle down with a drink and reclaim myself. Those few minutes when I’m not thinking about anything, and I can just be me.  What makes it a perfect serve is the fact that I actually have the time to really enjoy it!

Top 9 Gin A Day May posts

Top 9 Gin A Day May posts based on Instagram likes.  Images are in no particular order.

So there you have it, my Gin A Day May 2020.

A huge congratulations to Gin A Ding Ding, 2019 was great but the participation in 2020 has been phenomenal!  Here’s to 2021, when we will all hopefully be celebrating the fact that the world has finished with it’s little hissy fit and we can enjoy ginning with friends again.

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