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A Very Boutique-y Christmas – 2019 Gin Advent Calendar

For the past couple of years I have been lucky enough to receive an advent calendar from the gorgeous lovelies at That Boutique-y Gin Company in collaboration with Drinks by the Dram, and this year has been no different!  Thankfully, as the arrival of Baby Button is imminent (apparently I’m making things a little too cosy in there,) timing is perfect for me to be able to enjoy a cheeky Boutique-y dram each and every day in the run up to Christmas, and I have a feeling that this year I’m really going to need those gins!!

2017 Calendar

As a child I remember being really excited by my advent calendar, mostly because it meant that I was allowed to eat a piece of chocolate before my breakfast every morning, something which was unheard of in our household, even when it was Easter!  As a grown up I’m not really much of a chocolate fan, sweets yes, chocolate I can give or take…gin on the other hand.  Who in their right mind would turn down a gin?!

2018 Calendar

The premise is exactly the same as with your average kids calendar.  Each day you open a new door but instead of merely a picture, chocolate or piece of Lego being encased in the cardboard and plastic tomb, you will find a 30ml dram of delicious gin!  Big difference, unless it’s a weekend or your day off, I would have to advise against partaking in your liquid gold before breakfast…it could land you in all kinds of trouble!  That Boutique-y Gin company have an incredibly vast and varied range of gins, including some which have been created in collaboration with other distilleries, ones which are designed to really capture nostalgic aromas and some which have even been over 24km above the earth, up in near-space!

Now I love a good surprise, especially at Christmas, but this year I’ve taken a hit for you guys and I’ve seen the list of gins which feature in the 2019 calendar…my oh my you are in for a treat!  A fantastic combination of some new, exciting and exotic offerings mixed with some of my absolute favourites which have become staples on my gin shelves.  Although I know what is in the calendar in general, thankfully I don’t know which gin is behind each door, so my excitement levels are still piqued!

2019 Calendar


The 30ml dram bottles are beautifully labelled with small versions of the artwork featured on the larger bottles.  If you’re into crafting these little beauties could be turned into candle holders or a cute little garland…I did make one with my drams from a couple of years ago, but I can’t for the life of me find the picture anywhere, so dram pictures are just going to have to suffice!

Your daily Christmas tipple can be enjoyed as a standard G&T or as a cheeky little cocktail.  Historically Boutique-y have added an “Advent Serves” section to their website and social media accounts, which gives details of cocktails which can be created using the gin of the day.  Last year I created a blood orange and cumin margarita using the World Gin Day – 7 Continents Gin, which was rather scrummy even if i do say so myself!

30ml 7 Continents Gin
60ml Fresh Blood Orange
20ml Lime juice
A dash of sugar syrup (optional)
Salt and cumin rim by running a lime around the rim of glass and then dipping into the mix.

So if you think you’re going to need, or just perhaps fancy a gin related treat each December day in the run up to Christmas you need look no further.

“But how much is that going to set me back?!”

I hear you cry, well I shall tell you!  The That Boutique-y Gin Company advent calendar is currently available from Master of Malt for £49.95!  And, if you’re feeling guilty for buying it, super generous then fear not, you could always be extra nice and treat someone special to one of the other Boutique-y goodies which are available, including alternatives for your favourite whisky lovers.

So all that’s left for me to do now is wait…wait for Christmas, wait for Ginvent and wait for this baby!  My patience is most definitely being tested, I should probably just take a leaf out of Juniper’s book, she seemed to have the right idea last year…

…waiting for Christmas 2018!

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That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar was gifted

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