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Brockmans Gin

The idea sprung to life in 2007 when a group of friends decided they wanted to create something new and original which would break out from the corner of the room, Brockmans Gin, in my opinion, most certainly did that and still holds it’s own 10 years later.

Brockmans BottleThe first rather striking feature of Brockmans Gin is the bottle.  Sleek, black, and dare I say it…pretty darn sexy as far as bottles go!  Definitely one to pop out on display once it’s finished, rather than offing it to the bottle bank.  The dark colour of the bottle with use of a slightly floral font and a splash of red is somewhat reflective in colour of the key Brockmans botanicals.

Brockmans uses a combination of 11 botanicals, including blueberries, blackberries and liquorice.  The latter gives the gin a beautiful sweetness, while the berries add a great smoothness and a truly stunning aroma.  The botanicals are steeped for 14 hours in pure grain spirit in order to release their aromas and oils before being distilled in a 100 year old copper still named Jenny.

The result is something truly stunning, albeit not for everyone.  I personally love Brockmans Gin, but I am generally (not always) drawn to gins which are less London Dry and have more sweet, floral tones.  On the nose there are strong berry tones with a hint of lemon. To taste, there is initial heat followed by warming berries and finishing with a delicious flavour which reminds me of lemon meringue pie…mmmmm. I find this gin incredibly drinkable neat, which is unsurprising as according to the website, “The aim was to create a gin so smooth and sensual, you would want to drink it neat over ice.” It also makes a mean gin and tonic, thirst quenchingly refreshing and dangerously moreish!

Brockmans JohnWhile at Gin Festival London recently, I managed to steal a few minutes with John Bagnall, Brand Ambassador for Brockmans Gin, who not only recommended the amazing Brockmans Cosmopolitan cocktail, but also told me a little more about the Brockmans Press For Gin events.  The concept is simple, press a button and gin appears.  Putting it like that makes it sound like there is one of those silver hotel lobby bells that you ring and a bartender will bring your tipple to your table, well, don’t be fooled.

The way John described it sounded too randomly bizarre to be believable…turning tables, aerial acrobats, secret rooms, then I had a look online and found this…

…everything John had said was true!!! Holy moly how did I not know about these events! Their next Press For Gin event is being held in London over 19th, 20th and 21st March, with tickets on sale and available for just £25 (…must check piggy bank for funds!)

Well, Brockmans certain do seem to have all bases covered, from the gin, to the bottle, to the events…why has it taken me this long to find you or vice versa?  Thank you Brockmans, now I’m off to have another Cosmo!

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Brockmans Cosmo
Brockmans Cosmopolitan

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