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Malfy Originale

Malfy bottleWhen I hear the words “Malfy Gin,” I automatically think of that stunning blue and yellow bottle, which is filled with the most delicious lemony liquid ever.  In all honesty I didn’t even realise there was another type of Malfy.  Malfy Gin Originale happened to catch my eye when it popped up on my Instagram feed and I was really intrigued.

In an amazing alignment of stars I was contacted by the lovely folks at Malfy Gin and asked if I would like to try some of their new Malfy Gin Originale.  Oh my days yes, Yes, 1000x YES!  Brilliantly, it wasn’t long till it arrived and Hubby and I settled down for a little tipple.

Following our usual “Lets try a new gin” routine, we cracked open the bottle and gave it a sniff…subtle, not too overpowering, I got a bit of a woody scent, Hubby got more of a citrus feel from the bottle.

Now time for the taste test…neat of course.  WOW!  Immediately I shot Hubby the “Oh my, I love this gin” look.  The flavour was divine.  Such a clean tasting gin, definitely orange, then this sherbet type taste.  What was the botanical?…trying to go through the gins I knew with a similar flavour in them, 58 Gin, Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin…then it hit me, grapefruit, it had to be grapefruit.  A quick check online left me feeling rather smug! Key botanicals: Juniper, cassia, coriander, anise, orange and grapefruit. 

Once we’d got that bit out the way it was G&T time.  We chose to pair this with Fever Tree Malfy G&TMediterranean Tonic and a twist of orange peel, a combination I would highly recommend.

This gin really is just so SO deliciously fresh, clean, crisp and smooth, and so very different to Malfy Con Limone.  If I’m honest, I would probably go so far as to say I might actually prefer it to the Malfy Con Limone.  I highly recommend a purchase of this in the very near future and coming in at less than £30 in price, it really is a steal.

So a huge thank you to Malfy, first of all for being generous enough to send me a bottle of Malfy Originale through, and secondly, for creating such a wonderful gin, it genuinely is absolutely stunning…so much so that I’m not sure the bottle will last very long!

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