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Ginpourium Gin Fight – Round 5 – Sacred Gin

Round 5 – The Sacred Negroni

Having watched a food demonstration, entered a competition to win a fridge, (which incidentally, we didn’t win,) watched some great live music, met James and Zoe and helped Tom not Tim with some photos it was most definitely time for another drink!

For Round 5 I opted for the Sacred Negroni.  I really have to be in the right mood for a Negroni, I find them to come with a pretty hefty, booze flavoured, whack…far more up Hubby’s street than mine.  However it was a cocktail contender and in order to cast my vote I obviously had to try it.

Now as you have probably already gathered from previous posts, I love a good backstory, anything which has been created with point and purpose gets my vote, and I love the little details in the story of Sacred Gin.

I first read about Sacred Gin in the first chapter of Gin Glorious Gin by Olivia Williams.  She spoke of how Ian Hart “dug out and constructed his own six-foot still at his house in Highgate” and how he “started delivering bottles around north London on his bicycle and then by bus around the rest of London with his partner Hilary.” This, in my opinion, is brilliant!  Many of us inadvertently take things for granted, gin included, not realising or appreciating the struggle, worry, heartache, time and effort which goes into making it.  Even the biggest of companies must have started off small!  William’s goes on to say “Despite great international acclaim, Hart still makes his gin by himself in the sitting room and keeps his ingredients in the garden shed and his children’s old Wendy house.”

This is amazing, gin, distilled at home, with ingredients from the shed…what’s not to love!  Obviously the ingredients for Sacred Gin aren’t commonly found in garden sheds, it is instead flavoured with 12 botanicals, including juniper, cardamom, nutmeg, lime, lemon, fresh cut orange and frankincense also known as boswellia sacra, which is where the gin takes it’s name from.  There are eight different gins, two vodkas and five vermouth and aperitif options available to buy on their website and the whole time you need to remember, this is done from their house!!!

For this cocktail the Sacred Bottle-Aged Negroni was used, this combines Sacred Gin, Sacred Rosehip Cup and Sacred English Spiced Vermouth and is designed to be poured over ice and served with a slice of orange…which it was.  This is a glorious drink, and it did exactly what a good Negroni should, hitting every tastebud with it’s strong, bittersweet flavour which was complimented by the scent of orange.

As predicted, Hubby LOVED this and it is definitely a bottle which will be gracing our cabinet of grown-up juice.  I can really imagine serving this as the warmup on one of our Gin Club Cocktail nights, it’s certainly looking like our Summer Gin Party is going to be a big and boozy one!!

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