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Ginpourium Gin Fight – Round 4 – Boxer Gin

Round 4 – The Southpaw


Tummy suitably lined with a Guacatarian Bono, I was feeling a little more sprightly and ready for Round 4, The Southpaw, courtesy of Boxer Gin and Luke Ridge.

Boxer is a blended gin, combining the botanicals, common juniper, sweet lemon, sweet Seville orange, angelica root, orris root, liquorice root, cinnamon, cassia bark, nutmeg, coriander, juniper indica and bergamot, which I’m sure you’ll agree, is quite a mix.  Living up to it’s name, this gin does pack a punch and makes a cracking Gin Martini but also works well taken neat or as a G&T.

The boys of Boxer Gin’s gin boxing ring (try saying that after a few gins!) were undoubtedly the most lively of the Gin Fight contenders.  Dressed in blue boxing robes with silver trim, they looked every bit the contender.  Thankfully there was not an actual boxing glove in sight, as I fear this may have hampered their ability to please the Gin Fight crowd.  Another awesome detail of their stand were the bags of gin…yup, you heard right BAGS of gin.   Imagine the inside of a box or wine, but a slightly different shape and much prettier looking!  I initially thought these had just been created for the day, to look like little punchbags, for decorative purposes, but I was completely wrong.  These are called eco-pouches, which are provided to bars or restaurants as a refill once their actual bottles of Boxer Gin are finished.  Sadly these bags of gin are not available to the public…although maybe if we pile on enough peer pressure we could change that!!

The Southpaw combined Boxer gin with peach, prosecco and a sprig of mint which sounded like music to my ears, not a single ingredient which I could quibble about.  To top it all off the cocktail was served in the most amazing vintage style, branded camping mug, a fantastic gimmick which certainly worked on me…I obviously needed two mugs!!  These guys knew their stuff and were really going for the win!  Ginny goodness in mug, mug on table, ready to take mug and merrily slurp away I was stopped by the banterful bartenders…

“Silver or Gold?’

I have no idea what they are talking about?  Is it because it actually doesn’t make sense, or is three rounds of gin getting too much for me in my old age?! Are they even talking to me?  If I’m honest there was so much energy and enthusiasm behind that bar I had no idea!


“Silver or Gold?  Are you feeling like a winner?  What do you like best?  Silver or Gold?”


…and out came the edible silver glitter spray!  Oh my days, this truly was GINcredible!  After giving the mug and mint sprig a good spray, my cocktail was good to go and my goodness it was worth it’s weight in gold…or silver, depending on which glitter spray you prefer! Knowing what this gin tastes like neat, with it’s zesty, cirtusy flavours and spicy nutmeg, cinnamon and liquorish kick, this was not what I was expecting.  The Southpaw really lived up to it’s name, taking me by surprise and knocking me sideways.  The cocktail was so sweet and fresh once I’d started drinking it I didn’t want it to end.  Thankfully it was a little too sweet for Hubby, which meant I got to drink his too and we ended up with the two gin mugs to take home.

A big thank you to Boxer Gin and Luke Ridge for coming up with such a thirst quenchingly great cocktail, it was most definitely a knock out!

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