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Gin in a tin

Now I love a good gin, we have a drinks cabinet filled with over 40 different types and shelves of empty gin bottles, showing our gin journey, but I’m not going to lie…I am partial to the odd gin in a tin!

I’m sure there are those out there who will turn their noses up at the mere mention of the idea, but actually there is a time and a place for it.  We are a society of convenience, spoiled by access to the entire world from the palm our hand.  I’m not that old really, 32 in fact, but when I was at school and we didn’t know something, we had to go to the library to look it up.  Now I find the children in my class suggesting I Google it when I can’t answer their questions.  Everything has become so much easier, so much more instant, so why shouldn’t gin?

Of course, you’re not likely to get the same experience from a tin as you would from a carefully mixed/muddled/shaken/stirred/constructed gin in a fancy bar, but you are going to get a gin and tonic to have on the go.  Picnics, a Hen do, a Stag do, the journey to a night out…you can’t exactly sit and craft a beautiful, aesthetically and orally pleasing gin using the perfect accompanying garnish in the correct glass on a train, but you can welcome the oh so satisfying hiss of the tin opening.

Most supermarkets stock their own gin in a tin, along side the Gordon’s gin in a tin.  If you’re looking for a little bit more than just a standard G&T, Greenall’s have a great range, offering gin & pink grapefruit, gin & Sicilian lemon and gin & tonic wild berry.  Marks & Spencer do a gorgeous pink gin & tonic and Adnams have even tapped into the market, offering their Copper House Dry Gin in a premixed tin…delicious!!

There is completely a time and a place for these little gems, so they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Still not sure about the tin aspect…you’re in luck, as Fentimans teamed up with Bloom Gin to create premixed bottles of gin & tonic and gin & rose lemonade.  Both of these are incredible, but I must admit the sweet, floral side of the rose lemonade wins me over every time, reminds me of Turkish Delight!  The bottles have screw caps, all about the convenience, but perhaps not as easy to drink on the move.  This is where the extra convenient pop up wine glass comes into play, normally priced around £5, I found them on the Peacocks website for just £1.50.

Still not sold on this?  Still not convinced, then check out Gin In A Tin, a company which puts bespoke gins into tins…GINius!  Established by Martin Agius, founder of The Gin Pantry, Gin In A Tin offers a bespoke collection of gins in the form of gift sets, subscription packages and individual tins delivered straight to your door.  Boasting flavours such as Angelica, Samphire & Coriander No.8 and Elderflower, Chamomile & Marigold No.5, these guys have taken gin in a tin to a whole new level!

So there you have it, give in to convenience and give gin in a tin a try…you might just be surprised!

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