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Svinkløv Gin

The week before World Gin Day, was offering a free gin and two tonics for posting a picture of your best G&T…he had me at free gin, I was totally gin it to win it!  I noticed this competition just before our Gin Day, submitted one of my pictures and actually won the competition!

The prize was a bottle of Svinkløv Gin from Nordic Distillery and two bottles of Naturfrisk tonic water.  For a start the bottle is absolutely stunning, featuring a beautiful water colour design on the label and a note on the back to tell you who the distiller was and what bottle number this is.

In 2009 Nordic Distillery was established in Svinkløv, northern Jutland, Denmark, by Anders Bilgram, an engineer who has a background as an expedition leader in the Arctic and an adventurer.  It was during these visits to the Arctic coasts that he found his inspiration.

Nordic Distillery and it’s team produces a variety of specialty brands for various companies, and Svinkløv Gin is one of these special brands.  The gin was created as part of a series of liquors, inspired by the nature in and around the area of Svinkløv.  Coming in at 40% abv, this gin is designed to be enjoyed either in a G&T or neat over ice.  Svinkløv is a deliciously fruity gin, whose botanicals include spruce needles, juniper, buckthorn and raspberries and it is suggested lemon or lime be used as a garnish, along with perhaps a sprinkling of juniper berries

Hubby and I had differing opinions during our sunny evening tasting session, although we both agreed it packed a punch (in a good way of course) I tasted the sweetness first, followed by the pine.  He got the flavours in reverse order.  This obviously lead to the gin being consumed rather quickly due to constant guzzling sipping between bickering civilised discussion.  Ultimately it didn’t really matter, as the gin is delicious and well worth a taste!  I also dared to try a splash of this neat…well, the bottle does say so, and it was actually really tasty.  Definitely a gin worth winning!

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