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The Gin Wedding Plan

I’m always excited for the table plan at a wedding.  It’s that funny feeling like when you’re at University, waiting to read your exam results which have been posted on the Department notice board.  Lots of people peering over one another to see what they’ve got.

It’s not so dissimilar at a wedding, who are you sitting next to?  Who else is on your table?  What is your table called?  Many couples opt for places or countries they’ve visited together, authors they both enjoy, significant dates for the couple…I went to one wedding where the tables were all named after sweets, popping candy, flying saucers, rhubarb & custard…I was on Star Mix!

Well, the obvious choice for Hubby and I was gin.  Why would it or should it be anything else?!  Each table should be named after a gin, with the gin bottle acting as the centrepiece for the table and the people sitting on that table should have some link to that particular gin.  This was in the beginnings of our gin education, so we decided to look for a few new gins (in pretty bottles) to add to our collection.

Pickering’s as our top table was a no brainer, we got engaged in Edinburgh and took a distillery tour at Summerhall Distillery, the home of Pickering’s Gin.   It was early days for Pickering’s then, we were the only two people on the tour and it was given by Marcus Pickering himself (still slightly giddy with excitement from this!!)

We had shared many a Hendrick’s with one group of friends, Bulldog caused another friend to take a sick day and have 4 naps, I’d been bought a bottle of Boodles as a thank you gift and Bathtub was a birthday pressie from the Hubby one year.  Caorunn was an accidental find in the supermarket, it’s served with apple, I’m a teacher, it’s Scottish, I’m Scottish…well, my parents both are.  We had dinner with other friends and I loved the bottle for William’s Chase, Plymouth was our cupboard staple, Sipsmith had been brought over for a party.  Which left just one space and we really didn’t know what to fill it with.  The Hubby loves a good bit of research, so I put him on the case and he somehow stumbled upon Monkey 47.  After watching the trailer for this gin I was sold…part of the cork can be removed and worn as a ring!!!  Perfect wedding table gin!  Strangely, when it arrived, the metal band did actually fit Hubby’s wedding finger perfectly.

We asked a friend to throw some fancy silhouette design ideas together, and voila! gin tables!  The wedding was such an amazing day, Hubby and I stole a few minutes alone before the wedding breakfast and he bought us a gin and tonic, our first as Mr & Mrs, the first of far too many!


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