Gin Journey

In the beGINning

I love gin, there’s nothing more to it than that!

Actual love

I’m not really sure when it started, but it very quickly spiralled into something of an obsession a hobby, particularly when Button and I got together.  He too has a taste for the stuff!

It started out small, I know that much, Hendricks I think was the first gin I shared with the Hubby.  I remember going to Wilderness festival, when we had been together about 4 months and having morning gin.  For those who don’t know me, morning gin, is gin and bitter lemon…why?  Not a clue!  But why not!  When we were there, we happened to stumble upon the Fever Tree Gin Van, and that was it…eyes opened!

Time passed, the obsession grew, Craft Gin Club joined, Gin seating plan at the wedding, own Gin Club started…

So welcome to my little page about my gin journey!

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