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Personalised Bottles from Brentingby

It’s no secret that since the launch of Brentingby Gin back in September 2018 Bruce (the founder) and I have become pretty good friends.  Our relationship is such that Bruce knows my Hubby and I would tell him if we think his gin sucks, even better is that he’s totally ok with it and welcomes the feedback.  Thankfully I haven’t tried a dud one yet, although Hubby and I do have our favourites and they aren’t the same!

In a very crowded market, all distillers and distilleries strive to do things to make them stand out from the rest, without compromising their integrity or their gin quality.

Cue the latest venture from Brentingby Gin, personalised bottles.  The same delicious Brentingby flavour, with a label feature a picture of your choosing.  Priced at £37.99, these bottles would make great commemorative gifts for special occasions.  Wedding anniversaries, milestone birthdays…Fathers Day perhaps?

brentingby dry
London Dry
brentingby black
Black Edition

Creating your own bottle couldn’t be more simple, pop along to their online shop and choose the customised bottle option.  From here you will be prompted to select which gin you fancy, either their London Dry (my favourite and 5*+ on Difford’s Guide) or their Black Edition (Hubby’s favourite also 5*+ on Difford’s Guide.)

Next comes the personalisation bit, where you’re invited to upload a picture, ensuring it’s high resolution and landscape.  You get the chance to preview the label before committing to buying it, and can therefore make any necessary changes to your picture, or picture collage.

bentingby bottle 2

I designed my bottle after a particularly testing night with the little one.  He’s usually a fabulous sleeper and for some reason decided that he was going to party hard from 1am-4am…I am apparently no longer built for this kind of partying!  Using Canva as a creative outlet for my frustration I created this and uploaded it.

brentignby bottle

In addition to seeing the full label, you’re also shown an image of how it might look when on the bottle itself.  I’m currently in discussions with Hubby as to whether it is acceptable to take money out of our little shit’s darling’s savings to buy this for me as an apology.

So there you have it, a cracking gin with your face on the bottle, if you want!  Be as creative as you like but keep it clean, naughty pictures won’t get printed!

Gin Obsessions logo

**Also please note that it may take an up to an additional 3 days to produce the customised bottle before it can be shipped.



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