Norfolk Gin – Valentine’s Day Cocktail

I recently posted an article about Norfolk Gin where I mentioned a delicious Valentine’s Day Cocktail.  It combines Norfolk Gin with hibiscus syrup and prosecco to create something quite scrummy.

Norfolk Gin Valentines picValentine’s Day Cocktail 

You’re going to need:

  • 25ml Norfolk Gin
  • 25ml Hibiscus Syrup*
  • Prosecco/Champagne
  • Rose/hibiscus petals as an optional garnish

Once you’ve got that, do this:

Combine 25ml of Norfolk Gin and 25ml of hibiscus syrup in your champagne flute or coupe glass and give it a little stir.  Top up with prosecco or champagne depending on how flush you’re feeling.  Add a flurry of petals to garnish. 


Happy Valentines Day and Happy cocktail funtimes!

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10cl bottle of Norfolk Gin was gifted.

*Hibiscus Syrup – a beautiful deep pink syrup with floral, tangy, citrusy notes.

(recipe courtesy of Norfolk Gin) 

  • 2 x Hibiscus teabags or dried hibiscus flowers
  • 1 x cup of water 
  • 1x cup of  sugar
  • Gentle simmer for about 15 minutes
  • Remove the teabags or strain the flowers out
  • Store in the fridge and it will keep for around two weeks

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