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Pomegranate Gin Fizz

Well, I’m not sure about you guys but I’ve had a rather fabulous and slightly boozy Christmas.  Not going to lie, Christmas day for me was mostly prosecco rather than gin but hey…what’s a few glasses of fizz between gin friends?

Boxing day saw the arrival of my Lil Bro with his fabulous Fiancée and this meant only one thing.  Cocktails and boardgames!! Woooooo!  Fiancée and I might have got a little bit slightly slozzled on this recipe which is pretty delicious, and most definitely one which will leave you wanting another.

finished fizzPomegranate Gin Fizz 

You’re going to need:

  • 25ml gin (Something light and floral)
  • 25ml pomegranate juice
  • Prosecco/Champagne
  • Rose petals as an optional garnish

Once you’ve got that, do this:

Combine 25ml of pomegranate juice and 25ml of gin in your champagne flute.  Top up with prosecco or champagne depending on how flush you’re feeling.  Add a flurry of rose petals to garnish. 

This cocktail can be made in a larger punch bowl…just scale it up!


Let me know how you get on, happy cocktail times!

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