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Drinks in Tube

I was thrilled to be contacted by the folks at Drinks in Tube and asked if I would like to try out one of their gin tasting sets, my answer was obviously yes…no one in their right mind would ever turn down gin!

So what is Drinks in Tube, well, it’s pretty much exactly what it says.  They are a company who provide gift sets of drinks…in tubes.  The boxes are tasting kits, which effectively provide you with a drinks flight of your chosen tipple.  It’s such a fab idea, allowing people to sample a variety of drinks and decide which one they like best without the worry of buying a whole bottle of something which you might hate!

There are two gin gift sets available on their website, the English Country Gins tasting set and the Pinkster Gin tasting set.  I had no idea which I had been sent and when the postman arrived, I was genuinely, ridiculously excited to find out.  Packaged in a sleek black gift box which gave no clues about it’s contents…I was still in the dark.  Inside the box was an envelope which stated on the front…

Your Tasting Pack is enclosed

Eeeeeep!  I lifted the envelope to find three different gins…in tubes of course, Anno Kent dry gin, Chilgrove dry gin and Masons dry Yorkshire gin, none of which I had tried before, oh my goodness, the utter joy of it!

Each tube in my tasting pack contained 50ml of gin, making it the perfect amount for Hubby and I to sample together.  Inside the envelope were three postcards, one from each of the distilleries whose gin we would be tasting; on the back of these postcards is information about the distillery and notes on the perfect serve for their gin.  When trying a new gin, I’m always interested in finding out about the distillery, the botanicals and the distillation process, so I thought the inclusion of these notes was fab.  Tasting plans temporarily halted for the Anno until I can get my hands on some samphire though.

Masons gin is distilled in 200 litre batches, in stills named Steve and Leftie.  They use a secret mix of botanicals, but when I tasted it, I’m pretty sure there were undertones of fennel and liquorice.  They have also created a Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin and a Lavender Gin, which I found particularly delicious when I had a sample at the Gin Festival.

Chilgrove Dry Gin is quite an interesting gin.  It uses 11 botanicals, including West Sussex juniper, grains of paradise and wild water mint and takes it’s base from distilled grapes, rather than distilled grains.  A deliciously fresh gin with a peppery taste at the end, I’d definitely suggest serving with loads of ice, a splash of tonic and a sprig of mint.

“I like the idea of Drinks in Tube…but what if I don’t like gin?”

Well, for a start, you’re probably reading the wrong blog page!!  However, although I was sent through a gin pack, Drinks in Tube offer a variety of other spirits such as rum, vodka and cognac, which range in price from £19.99 – £28.99.  There is even a pack which contains a selection of different spirits.  If spirits aren’t your thing, they also offer wine tasting sets including red, white, rose and port.  Something for everyone!  They also have a cracker pack which would certainly liven up the Christmas dinner table!

These tasting packs would make an ideal gift for anyone who loves a good tipple, and my gin box was the perfect size to be a stocking filler.  Interestingly, I was chatting to a friend after I received mine and she said she was given one as a gift when she was a bridesmaid.

Now I know I said there was the perfect amount in each tube for Hubby and I to both try, but the problem is, that I have found a couple of delicious looking cocktail recipes using these gins.  The Chilgrove gin fizz cocktail sounds awesome, I’m quite partial to a Red Snapper, so a Masons, Bloody Masons! sounds right up my street, and then there’s Kentish Rose which uses the Anno.  So on second thoughts, there is definitely only enough for me, I think I’m going to have to order another pack!

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