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Win a bottle of Daffy’s Gin

This time of year is sad and exciting for me all at once. Being a teacher is incredible, I love my job and there really isn’t anything else that I’d rather do.  Knowing that I have played some part in helping children to reach and exceed potential that they might not even realised they had is a buzz!  The class becomes a family, thats the way it works when you spend pretty much all day everyday with people…even if they are only little people.  So when it comes to the end of term it’s tough to say goodbye. 

Thank goodness we have the holidays to make us feel better…well there’s got to be some perk when you spend 6 1/2 hours a day with 30 children and very little adult conversation!!

As the summer holidays draw closer, I’m looking forward to being able to spend the occasional lazy afternoon in the sun, either with friends or a good book, and of course my favourite gin…Daffy’s.  I had been desperate to try some after only seeing the bottle, for my birthday in 2015 Hubby came up trumps and so began the love affair. 

Daffy’s is a small batch premium gin, which was launched in Edinburgh, on 1st December 2014…my birthday is on the 2nd so we truly are kindred spirits! The bottle features a beautiful blonde, reminiscent of Debbie Harry, whose story of origin is wonderful.  After working on the recipe, Daffy’s distiller Chris Molyneaux reached out to Robert McGinnis, an artist whose work he had studied at university, in the hope that he would become involved.  After making sketches and paintings of Chris’ wife, Robert McGinnis immortalised her as the iconic Goddess of Gin.

Designed to be enjoyed straight over ice, Daffy’s combines Lebanese mint, juniper, coriander, angelica root, lemon peel, cassia bark, orris root and orange peel to create a fresh and perfectly balanced gin.  My perfect D&T is a double measure, in a glass full of ice with not too much tonic.

So I was thinking, this would be a great opportunity to share the love in the form of a simple and easy competition.  The prize, a bottle of my favourite gin, Daffy’s, and trust me it really is delicious!

What do you have to do?  Well that’s simple, just two easy steps.  1, make sure you’re following either my Twitter or Instagram account and 2, write a comment telling me what your favourite gin is!  There are so many fabulous gins out there and I’d love some recommendations of what to try next.  Everyone has their top 3, 5, 10 gins, it’s easy to make a list of them, but I’m looking for that real number one.

That’s it, two simple steps and the winner will be selected at random on Monday 17th July, with your Daffy’’s arriving in time for the summer holidays.  As difficult as it may be for me to keep my hands off, I can assure you, your winning bottle will be full, but I doubt it will remain that way for long once you’ve tried it!

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